Anytime/Anywhere Workout

Pressed for time?

No equipment handy?

The Anytime/Anywhere workout gets it done when time, space, or equipment are sparse. This workout is done circuit style, and with every interval the number of reps is counted per set and matched, or increased, each successive set as decreasing reps (although fine) reveals a lack of cardio endurance and power; two things necessary to achieve any exercise goal.

(This circuit is intense and will take time to adjust to any increase in volume, or number of times through the circuit, so start with 1 or 2 rounds at first and see how sore it makes you the next day. Seasoned athletes should start with 3 rounds and increase volume according to fatigue and muscle soreness.)


Downloading any timing app (like tabata pro) will help keep time even while music plays. The settings for each tabata should be split into varying intensities from workout to workout as shown below. Note: with shorter intervals increase the number of times through the circuit.

Work Recovery

ENDURANCE 1.5min 1min

1min 1min

CARDIO POWER 45sec 1min

30sec 1min

SPEED TRAINING 20sec 40sec

10sec 40sec

Deadbug- Start by activating the core with this diagonal-pattern coordination movement. Control the spine with all movement emanating from the shoulder and hips.

Multi Plane Glider Lunge- If a glider isn’t handy, use a towel, or anything that will create an even glide on a smooth surface. This will keep the sliding leg from being loaded with any bodyweight. Imagine the gliding leg is lightly testing thin ice so the brain will keep focused on this very functional pattern.

Lateral Walk With Pushup Progressions- Varying these progressions keeps the brain guessing, which prevents plateau.

3 steps out and back (Add pushup as progression).

Dynamic Lateral Lunge- Challenge the brain to deal with push-off, launch, and landing in flexion. Use the tripod of the foot (inner arch-outer arch-heel) to create powerful push and controlled landing, this forces the brain to use chains of musculature to complete the task, which means increased calorie burn and better neuromuscular connectivity.

Pushup W/Glider (Modified and Progression)- This can be done modified (on knees), or in full pushup position (both shown below).

3 sets of 8-12 reps of 12 reps per circuit.

Step-ups- This requires steadfast concentration to make sure all force emanates from the heel. Step lightly and try to achieve fluidity between hip, knee, and ankle.

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