Rotation Pt 7 Banded Shoulder External And Internal Rotation


At Meso Fit Studio, we value our clients time and effort by developing exercises that get results fast, often within a workout. The exercises below re-pattern the brain to rotate at the shoulder and minimize rotation at the elbow.

For shoulder external rotation use a dumbbell to provide feedback whenever the wrist attempts to create this movement. Once the wrist is stable, rotate the elbow upward in a sweeping motion and hold. Try bringing the elbow higher each rep assuring the wrist or ribcage don’t compensate in the process.

3 sets of 8-12

For shoulder internal rotation, use a band mounted to a TRX anchor, or place a band handle inside a door frame and close the door. Sweep the elbow toward the floor against the pull of the band, then return the starting position resisting the bands pull.

3 sets of 8-12 reps

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