Most people need a plan, not just a workout, and that plan needs to be attached to achieving specific, measurable goals.

Assessments provide a baseline for which all future progress can be measured and course adjustments made if needed. A RAMP certified personal trainer is going to come up with a plan which will include achieving small goals over shorter durations of time so we can ensure that your brain is accepting the work we’re doing.

Our assessment determines how much power the system has lost through protective patterns. Clients are disserved when their drive is pitted against their movement ability. The restoration process is key and will remain our means of preventing plateau moving forward.

Ideally, every person that walks into a gym, or orders an exercise app, would be assessed for movement restrictions that are typically caused by muscle imbalances. We all have them, and without an understanding of their effect on future progress, everyone will plateau. But if you can exercise, while systematically removing these restrictions through myofascial release (foam rolling), then there would be no reason to expect that body to plateau.

That’s exactly what The RAMP Method (Restore-Align-Maintain-Progress) is designed to do.

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