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The RAMP Method (Restore-Align-Maintain-Progress) textbook on SALE TODAY!

Looking for a certification that isn’t just a new list of the same old exercises? Advance your career and your business with a certification guaranteed to elevate your clients beyond next level.

Join the creators of The RAMP Method as they teach you how to view movement from a new perspective. Students will learn every aspect of the program including client assessment. Then explore each phase of the program and how to deal with the restrictions most clients present. Certification package includes:


We know today’s faulty movement patterns are tomorrow’s dysfunctions. Losses in movement ability caused by muscle imbalances tax the system and limit production. This is why we rigorously assess each client to establish baselines for which to measure future progress. We then apply specific programming to reestablish harmony among all muscle systems.


When muscle imbalances occur, joints misalign. The brain must now find ways around this restriction with compensated movement. This remains the cause of all injury that isn’t caused by blunt force trauma. Cumulative trauma is a process occurring over time. We can trace this process back to the emergence of initial imbalances. As we restore, we consequently align joints affected by compensations.


Science tells us every rep completed while misaligned strengthens movement compensation. Sustainable change has to survive the passage of time. This means our interventions must take into account the brain’s point of view. To do this, each joint’s action is earmarked as either REACH or WITHDRAWAL.


Success in movement correction is marked by increases in movement ability. Our progressive exercises stabilize the spine through the core and allow greater expressions of movement. Progressions prove clients can adequately stabilize the torso so that mobile joints can perform their function.

The RAMP Method certification counts for continuing education for the following personal training certifications:

ACE 1.6 credits

ACSM 18 credits

NASM 1 credit

AFAA 10 credits



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